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St. Helena Preschool for All

Background On Preschool For All


In 2010, in response to the need for preschool for all of the children in the St. Helena Unified School District, the St. Helena Family Center, in partnership with five private preschools, implemented a school readiness program that provides scholarships for four year olds in need of preschool. The program also works with participating families to involve them in the process and educate them in enriching their children’s educational experience.

St. Helena Rotary’s Role

In 2015, St. Helena Rotary made a commitment to lead a community effort to fund and grow this very special organization. Initial fundraising was done via a Kentucky Derby Party which raised funds for several years. In 2019, seeking to involve the whole community in supporting Preschool for All, it was decided to seek Sponsors who, with Rotary, would match individual donations. Our theme became:

"St. Helena, a community that takes care of its own."


This campaign proved to be successful, and is especially useful in times of COVID where large parties are not feasible.


Sunshine Market

Central Valley

Gale Greisen

Paul Dohring

Margo Kennedy

Kathleen Patterson

Jennifer Lamb

Honig Winery

Anne Cottrell and Doug Cutting

Mike and Ann Thomas

Malloy Imrie & Vasconi Ins.

Inger and Wendell Laidley

Bill and Kathi Polachek

John Sales

Farella Braun + Martel

Jeff and Cindy Warren

Evan and Lauren Galbraith

David and Leslie Moreland

Joel Toller


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