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The personal experience of two St. Helena Rotary Club members inspired support of this project. Their child was treated using the Ponseti Method shortly after birth and will have full mobility and normal use of both feet. Their family benefited from the fact that U.S. health care providers have the proper know-how to treat clubfoot deformity. We find it concerning that thousands of families around the world do not have access to clubfoot treatment, despite treatment being relatively low-cost and straight-forward for those trained in the technique.


To execute the project described below, our goal is to raise $15,850 locally, which we expect to catapult to a total donation of $50,000 with available matching funds from Rotary Foundation and at the district level. Using assumptions provided by Ponseti International Association and the Rotary Action Group for Clubfoot, it is estimated that over 7,000 children in Ecuador could benefit as a result of this project over the careers of the trained providers.

Clubfoot in Ecuador:

There are an estimated 440 new cases of clubfoot each year in Ecuador, plus many untreated cases. There are not enough trained providers to handle the cases. In addition, locally-made braces are of deficient quality and are very expensive for most families. The Ponseti Method is not recognized as the standard of care within the health care system in Ecuador, which hinders its use and availability.


  1. Provide hands-on training in the Ponseti Method and follow-up support to 12 local orthopedists

  2. Establish a “brace bank” to make quality inexpensive braces available to families

  3. Advance the visibility and local knowledge of the Ponseti Method to encourage financial support for it within the Ecuadorian health care system 


The Rotary Club of St. Helena will be the “International Sponsor” for the project. The “Host Club” will be Club Rotario de Quito Equinoccio of Ecuador.

To support this project, click the "Donate" button above.


Alternatively, donations can also be made by check.  Please make the check out to the St. Helena Rotary Foundation and mail to the address below.  Please write “Clubfoot Project” on the memo line of the check.


St. Helena Rotary Foundation

P.O. Box 211

Saint Helena, CA 94574


St. Helena Rotary Foundation is a 501(c)(3).

Federal ID# 94-3172763

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