Rotary: 2nd Responders


CHANGES: St. Helena Rotary tries something new!

This year our club will have four rotating Presidents:

    1st quarter—Kathleen Patterson

    2nd quarter—Norm Mitroff

    3rd quarter—David Brotmarkle

     4th quarter—Matt Endriss










Second Quarter President:

Norm Mitroff

Following a World-Wide pandemic and St. Helena Rotary Club not being able to have face-to-face meetings, we have been challenged.  As one of the Presidents of our Club, I would like to advance our Club’s involvement with St. Helena and provide sufficient value of Membership to encourage others to join our Club.


The motto of rotary is “service above self”.  Thoughtfulness of others is the basis of service and helpfulness of others is its expression.  I believe a person can never read the story of rotary, its four way test and the objects of rotary without realizing that there is a greatness, a goodness and an excellence in rotary and not be concerned about their part in promoting these ideals.

Our Club will establish strong, long-lasting personal, business, and community relationships united in the ideal of service above self.  Reinforce the understanding that development of an acquaintance is an opportunity for service and that a network of acquaintance is a path for the delivery of ethical, professional community service.  One of the founding principles of Rotary was the recognition of the worthiness of all occupations; the St. Helena Rotary Club will reinforce the networking of all of the businesses within our community


November 16, 2021



Jeffrey Earl Warren

Reminiscing about the man "who changed America"


Julio Olquin is the Managing Director for St. Helena Preschool for All. Learn how our donation dollars are changing lives in St. Helena.

Boy Scouts Troop 1
Mark Prestwich
Charlie Toledo

Jim Davidson
Jesse Duarte
Eric Hall
Kathy Flamson
Barb Spangler
Kevin Eisenberg
Ted Hall
Julio Olquin
Mariam Hansen
Alison Haley
Margaret Viale
Billy Summers
Dr. Richard Mucci
Lisa Hicks
Cindy Pawlcyn
Tom Boylan
James Alexander 

Rotary After


October 26th @ 5:30pm

at the Saint Helena Cemetery

Come in costume, bring an appetizer

A docent will provide a short tour

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