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Cindy Warren

Rotary President 2022/23










August 16, 2022


Julio Olquin

Director, St. Helena Preschool for All

Hear about the success of this program and how Rotary has been a part of it for the past six years


Julio Olquin is the Managing Director for St. Helena Preschool for All. Learn how our donation dollars are changing lives in St. Helena.

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Michele Neuman & Fabio Maia
Bryan Pritchard
Matt Hooper
John Dunbar
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Cio Perez
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John Radiky
Dustin Littlefield
Katrin Ciaffa
Christopher Warner & Jeff Farmer
Glen Newhart
Joaquin Razo
Chrissy Raymond
Stephanie Iacobacci
Kelly Crane


Boy Scouts Troop 1
Mark Prestwich
Charlie Toledo

Jim Davidson
Jesse Duarte
Eric Hall
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Ted Hall
Julio Olquin
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Billy Summers
Dr. Richard Mucci
Lisa Hicks
Cindy Pawlcyn
Tom Boylan
James Alexander 

Rotary After

Blue Zones Project St. Helena


August 30 @ 5:30pm

at Blue Zones Project

1422 Main Street, St. Helena

Please email or call Cynthia to RSVP


Please join together for an inspiring evening as Executive Director Joaquin Razo will speak to us about the Blue Zones Project, a community-wide, evidence-based approach to improve your health and wellbeing.

As a special treat, we will also explore food from Napa Valley's first "Blue Zones Designated Restaurant" - Pizzeria Tra Vigne.


Please bring a bottle of wine to share!

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