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July 3, 2020


Kathi’s Follies —

What a great way to begin! Past president Kathleen Patterson asked me about a month ago what I wanted to call my year and that is what I blurted out, and somehow it stuck! It kind of feels right, what with where the world stands right now! Zoom meetings, not able to do our usual debunking party, no fundraisers as we know them, just much uncertainty! It is a trying time for us all!

I wanted my term to be all about membership, not just increasing, but retaining and keeping members actively involved. I’ve felt for sometime, we as members should all see ourselves as the membership chair, always wanting to share Rotary and our love of its principles with everyone we meet! Now more than ever keeping people involved “from a distance” is going to be a huge challenge, however not insurmountable!

So with that being said, we have many irons in the fire (thanks to past President Kathleen Patterson). Our newest one being our water project in Zimbabwe, Pre-school For All, and Scout Hall!

I already feel the love and support from so many of you and I truly appreciate it, and we will move forward. I will keep it fun, after all, this year is Kathi’s follies! 

PS: I need to especially recognize Kathleen for the great job she did as past president. She was wonderful to work with and a great mentor. I also want to thank everyone on my board who stepped up and said YES! And we're off!

Kathi Polachek

Rotary President

Upcoming Zoom Speaker

May 11, 2021

Charlie Toledo


Charlie Toledo is of Towa descent, native to New Mexico. She is the Executive Director of the Suscol Intertribal Council a community-based organization (501©3) incorporated in 1992 located in Napa, California. She has extensive experience as public speaker, presenter, and community organizer in regional, statewide, national and international forums. She has over forty years in alternative healthcare fields, as well as background in consultation for mediation for individuals, families, and organizations. She has been an organic gardener since 1978. She has lifelong commitment to social justice and international work on Human Rights and Environmental social justice issues.


Julio Olquin is the Managing Director for St. Helena Preschool for All. Learn how our donation dollars are changing lives in St. Helena.

Jim Davidson

Jesse Duarte

Eric Hall

Kathy Flamson

Barb Spangler

Kevin Eisenberg

Ted Hall

Julio Olquin

Mariam Hansen

Alison Haley

Margaret Viale

Billy Summers

Dr. Richard Mucci

Lisa Hicks

Cindy Pawlcyn

Tom Boylan

James Alexander 






Ben Hill





Ben Hill has been delivering pizzas, flowers, puzzles to the Memory Care Unit at the Veterans Home.  Rotary has contributed to his efforts.

St. Helena High School

Interact Club!

Graduates from St. Helena High School honored for there 4-year service with the Rotary Interact Club.

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